UL Listed Control Panels

UL listed industrial control panels, are factory-wired assemblies of industrial control equipment, such as motor controllers, switches, relays and auxiliary devices. The panels may include disconnect means and motor branch-circuit protective devices. An industrial control panel does not include the controlled loads, including motors, luminaires, heaters, or utilization equipment.

We can repair and troubleshoot electrical control systems

An enclosed industrial control panel is comprised of the enclosure, all components located within the enclosure, and all components mounted to the walls of the enclosure.

An open industrial control panel is comprised of a mounting sub-panel and all components mounted to the sub-panel, and is intended for installation into an enclosure in the field.

This category also covers industrial control panel enclosures. The enclosures may contain ventilation openings, observation windows, conduit fittings, environmental control devices, or maintenance luminaires. Industrial control panel enclosures are intended to house open-type industrial control panels or individual items of industrial control equipment installed in the field.

Program and calibrate SCADA Systems

We have experience building control panels for individual motor controls up to complete SCADA systems that run entire industrial plants. We can program a variety of PLC’s and HMI systems. We can further integrate your SCADA systems with PC based software. We have experience integrating controls with databases, custom written HMI and data logging software.

UL Listed Control Panels

  • UL-508A Listing
  • Industrial Control Panel Fabrication
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured
  • Program & Calibrate SCADA Systems
  • Repair & Troubleshoot Control Systems

UL-508A Listing

We recently obtained a UL-508A listing for the construction of industrial control panels

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